Granite mountain preserve

We've been meeting with a working group to prepare the management plan for the preserve. Among the topics we've discussed good access points to the preserve and appropriate parking facilities. We will continue to update you on our progress here.

In the meantime, here's a link to a live map of the Granite Mountain Preserve.

We thank all the Putnam Valley residents who attended the Granite Mountain Preserve Community Forum at the Putnam Valley Grange Hall in February. The forum provided everyone a chance to hear about HHLT's next steps in making the Preserve accessible and safe, and gave us a chance to hear residents' thoughts on preferred uses. We are taking all the feedback we received into consideration as we determine how to move forward. 

Here are some materials that were provided during the presentations:

Granite Mountain Preserve Information Sheet (PDF)

Presentations (PDFs)

Maps of Granite Mountain Preserve (PDFs)