Announcing the New York Highlands Network: Ensuring Our Wildlife Have a Home Here—Forever

People across the Hudson Highlands want the wildlife we love to have a home here forever. They’re taking action—through citizen science, conserving their land and speaking up at public hearings—to ensure this happens.

That’s critical, given recent reports from Cornell and the UN. North America lost three billion birds in the last 50 years. A million wildlife species face extinction globally in the coming decades.

We’re seeing these losses in our own backyards. To give our wildlife a future, we need to save their habitats from haphazard development. That’s why we formed the New York Highlands Network, a broad coalition of organizations, neighbors and landowners working to connect and conserve wild places across the Highlands.

Our success depends on YOU. You can help protect the homes of New York species facing declines, like the cerulean warbler (pictured) and eastern box turtle. Learn more on the NY Highlands Network webpage.

Thanks for all you do for our wildlife!