Notice: Granite Mountain Preserve Closed Nov. 21-29 for 2020 Deer Hunting Program

From Saturday, November 21st, through Sunday, November 29th, Granite Mountain Preserve will be closed to all visitors except for deer hunters with a valid NYS Department of Environmental Conservation license AND permit from HHLT. The Preserve will be reopened to visitors on Monday, November 30, 2020.

Much of the Preserve is experiencing deer browse damage to its understory vegetation. We have partnered with several local hunters to better protect the Preserve’s delicate understory plants and trees, especially oaks and hickories. Controlled hunting helps safeguard vibrant habitats, decreases the number of wildlife-related car accidents, and helps decrease the spread of tick-related diseases. By controlling the deer population, we are enhancing the health of the current forest and ensuring that there will be a healthy forest in the future. A limited number of permits will be granted by HHLT to licensed hunters. All State laws and safety regulations are followed.

Thank you to the hunters and the community for helping us manage the deer population. For more information, or to express interest in applying for the program, please contact HHLT’s Natural Resources Manager, Nicole Wooten, via email at Applications for hunting permits will be accepted through September 1st.