Hudson Highlands Reserve Public Hearing

Look Who Needs YOUR Help on June 20th!

You can help protect our wildlife, water and scenic vistas by:

  • Speaking at the Public Hearing on Hudson Highlands Reserve on Thursday, June 20th at 7:30pm (Old VFW Hall, 34 Kemble Avenue, Cold Spring)
  • Writing to the Philipstown Planning Board by July 8th

HHLT’s comments on the Hudson Highlands Reserve Draft Environmental Impact Statement are available here.

Hudson Highlands Reserve is located between our two State Parks and includes:

  • 25 large houses, 8 of which are sited around a pond that drains into Clove Creek
  • A 40-horse commercial equestrian facility

What’s happening?

Hudson Highlands Reserve is a proposed “Conservation Subdivision” off Route 9 between Horton Road and East Mountain Road North. It is the first Conservation Subdivision in Philipstown and will set the stage for future developments.

What is a Conservation Subdivision?

A special type of development in Philipstown that allows more homes on smaller lots, provided they are clustered together to protect:

  • the land we love
  • the wildlife we cherish
  • the water we need

Does the proposed design achieve these goals?

It proposes to conserve land, but not in the right way. Instead, the design must:

  • Protect wildlife pathways and key habitat
  • Safeguard Clove Creek and the Clove Creek Aquifer
  • Preserve scenic vistas from our State Parks

Could these problems be fixed?

Yes! Proper wildlife and scenic analysis could guide a design that protects our natural resources.

A better future for Philipstown is possible. Hudson Highlands Reserve could set a standard for quality development AND protect our environment.

Your help is needed to make this happen!

Comment on the environmental and scenic impacts of Hudson Highlands Reserve:

  • In person at the PUBLIC HEARING
    Thursday, June 20th at 7:30pm
    Old VFW Hall (34 Kemble Avenue, Cold Spring)
  • In writing to the Philipstown Planning Board before July 8th
    mail: c/o Philipstown Town Hall
    email: or

HHLT’s full comments on the Hudson Highlands Reserve Draft Environmental Impact Statement are now available, for reference.

For more information, visit or Philipstown Town Hall for a copy of the Draft Environmental Impact Statement.

You can also read more in this “Perspectives” article written by our Executive Director, Michelle Smith, in the Putnam County News and Recorder: Will the Frog and Turtle Survive?