We have been protecting the spectacular landscapes that make the Hudson Highlands special for nearly 30 years. To date, we have conserved thousands of acres of critical habitat, natural landscapes, and unsurpassed scenic resources. We have partnered with private landowners to complete 93 conservation easements, protecting their properties across 2,563 acres. We own and manage three preserve properties totaling almost 1,000 acres, and we have worked with New York State, the National Park Service, and conservation partners to protect thousands of additional acres in our mission area.

Our goal is to protect a variety of landscapes. By conserving forests and fields, waterways and viewsheds, we provide an opportunity for future generations to have access to unique recreational resources, productive forests and open spaces that contribute to the health and productivity of our local communities. The work that we do in our mission area contributes to the economic, social and natural health of our region.

Please contact our Executive Director, Katrina Shindledecker, at with any questions on our work in this area.