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Revisiting the End of Slavery in New York for Juneteenth

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In recognition of Juneteenth, we were inspired to revisit the ending of slavery in New York. Slavery was officially abolished in 1827, making New York the first state to pass a law completely abolishing slavery, but the ending is far more complicated than just a single date.

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From Built to Grown: Justice in Agriculture

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From public parks to roof tops, to those grassy areas within housing complexes, we explore spots withing built spaces that can be converted to places that sustain organic food farms, making urban areas a little greener and healthier for future generations.

HHLT to Permanently Protect 74+ Acres in Garrison

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HHLT will permanently protect 74+ acres of the Garrison Golf Club property and intends to oversee habitat restoration, while simultaneously working with the community to develop a thoughtful plan for public access.

Philipstown NRI Webinar Resources

Philipstown Natural Resources Inventory 2020 Philipstown Comprehensive Plan 2020 (draft) Philipstown Open Space Index 2016 Philipstown Habitat Summary 2021 Philipstown Carbon Inventory Report 2020 Philipstown State of the Tributaries Report…

Black History and Culture in Putnam County

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The Putnam History Museum recently launched a new “Black History & Culture in the Hudson Valley” webpage, which includes 40+ resources, including profiles on Black historical figures like Bishop Robert Lawson and Sumner Lark.

Who Built the Stone Walls of New York?

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“Stone walls are built by hands. How else would you bring them to life, other than to learn about and recognize all the people who were part of the stone wall building process?” -Susan Allport, author of Sermons in Stone