Person in Revolutionary War-era military clothing on a boat crossing the Hudson River

1st Rhode Island Regiment

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As we celebrate our national independence and look ahead to the 250th anniversary of the American Revolution in 2026, Relearning Highlands History explores a local battle fought by a pioneering…

Tree Inequity in the Hudson Highlands

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Tree inequity doesn’t just affect large cities. It exists right here in the Hudson Highlands. Learn more about tree inequity in our communities, and what local conservation groups are doing to remedy it, in the latest issue of Relearning Highlands History.

Revisiting the End of Slavery in New York for Juneteenth

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In recognition of Juneteenth, we were inspired to revisit the ending of slavery in New York. Slavery was officially abolished in 1827, making New York the first state to pass a law completely abolishing slavery, but the ending is far more complicated than just a single date.

Field surrounded by trees

From Built to Grown: Justice in Agriculture

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From public parks to roof tops, to those grassy areas within housing complexes, we explore spots withing built spaces that can be converted to places that sustain organic food farms, making urban areas a little greener and healthier for future generations.