Philipstown Clean Water Initiative

In 2017, we launched a Clean Water initiative through the Philipstown Community Congress process to ensure abundant clean water for the future in our community. We subsequently received a Catalyst grant from the Land Trust Alliance and NYS Department of Environmental Conservation Partnership Program to advance water resource conservation and planning strategies in the Town of Philipstown and Village of Cold Spring.

As part of this initiative, we are conducting a water resource study that will update a decade-old groundwater assessment and planning report (Town of Philipstown Groundwater Report and Planning Resource, June 2007). For this study, we are working with hydrogeologists at The Chazen Companies to analyze critical areas in key watersheds, including the Clove Creek Aquifer and Cold Spring Water Supply, for conservation measures; study the impact of land use decisions, like road use/treatment and certain industrial uses, on water resources; and determine current and potential back-up water supply solutions.

We are also forming a Water Protection Coalition of key stakeholders to develop water-focused land use and conservation strategies for the town. We are currently seeking volunteers to join watershed protection groups for either the Clove Creek Aquifer or the Cold Spring Reservoir System/Foundry Brook to ensure the ongoing protection of these drinking water sources, as well as volunteers interested in water quality sampling. Please contact us if you are interested in either opportunity.